Wheeled Fencing Bag


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When you are serious about fencing – you need some serious kit.

All of this kit needs to be transported around and we have the perfect bag for that.

A fabulous large, wheeled fencing bag with enough room for all your kit and the kitchen sink.

It features multiple external pockets and compartments and has super strong fabric and zips

The strong metal ‘cage’ helps to keep the bag sturdy and easy to move.

There is one main compartment for all your kit, masks, clothing etc and a separate compartment to keep your weapons in.

The main advantage of this is that your sweaty, damp kit will not come into contact with your weapons eliminating the risk of corrosion and those horrible orange marks on your lovely white kit will be avoided.

Approx Size 122cm x 42cm x 35cm. (it will easily take two or three sets of kit and size 5 weapons)

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Weight 5.2 kg

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